Coming soon: Bucks Fizz on stage at Norton Grange!

Bucks Fizz is an English pop group which achieved success in the 1980s, most notoriously for winning the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Making Your Mind Up. The group was formed in January 1981 specifically for the contest and comprised four vocalists; Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. If you enjoy their music then Norton Grange has got a treat for you… 

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Norton Grange Coastal Village History

A stunning seaside retreat with a twist or two…

The story of Norton Grange, a wonderful coastal village which gazes out over the glorious western Solent, begins appropriately with a double-first. For the understatedly pretty nearby port of Yarmouth was not only the first recorded town on the Isle of Wight, but also the very first port to be discussed in the Domesday Book.

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Norton Grange- Our day out Fishing

“So it’s Friday morning, I hear the radio go “Charlie to Tom, can you pop down to reception please”.

I arrive down reception to meet Charlie a couple minutes later and I’m introduced to guest named Steve. He seemed very enthusiastic about catching a fish and was eager to go fishing. After telling them about this shark I caught once we decided that Tuesday afternoon was the most suitable time for us all.

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