Guest Blogger: 5 reasons why you should choose to holiday in the UK

I’m really excited to share that we’ve had many requests for guest blog posts. Although not written by me (Hannah, from the Warner Marketing Team) they will all be linked to Warner.

If you’d like to get in touch to write a post why not e-mail me?

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What’s So Good About A Holiday Abroad Anyway?

We live on a beautiful island which boasts a rich landscape, wide array of indigenous wildlife and diverse architecture spanning many centuries that we seldom have any time to notice, and if we do peer out of the car window and glance at the distant hills it is just that; a glance. We don’t sense the sublime quality of the nature all around us because we are used to it. We tell ourselves it is boring – all the same – when it is anything but. The majority of us are guilty of it: the grind of everyday life can leave us slightly unappreciative of what lies on our doorstep and turns us to thoughts of us jetting on a plane – because that must be the only way you could possibly relax and enjoy yourself. Yet, ‘getting away’ is a state of mind and at Warner we are a firm believer of doing as much or as little as you like on holiday. Simply, changing your surroundings need not require any expense on jet fuel, the hassle of currency exchange or the embarrassment of trying (and failing) to brush up on your Spanglish!

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