Love Blossoms at Gunton Hall


A chance meeting that has found friendship, companionship and love.

At Warner, we love to hear stories of our hotels being a foundation for new friendships.  But at Gunton, a meeting, that traditionally wouldn’t have taken place, provided the meet cute for two guests.

It was July last year when Michael, a regular guest at Gunton Hall, decided on a whim to extend his normal weekend stay for four more days. As holiday-makers checked out and new ones checked in, he stayed on, hoping for a few more days of holiday bliss. This is when Jean, another regular, started her holiday.

On a sunny summer afternoon, Jean, who hadn’t realised her friend had slipped into the bar, was watching a slideshow in reception chattering away to herself. Just at this moment Michael, found poor Jean talking to a non-existent friend and politely pointed out “I think your friend has popped into the bar!” Jean thanked Michael, and slipped away. Later that evening before watching the evening show, Jean when walking out of Gunton’s Cabaret Bar, bumped straight into Michael! Laughing about their two unusual meetings, they sat down and chatted the whole night away – missing all the entertainment but enjoying each other’s company.

As the holiday came to a close, Michael waved goodbye to Jean but made her promise to keep in touch. Beginning with postcards and then Christmas cards, Michael and Jean kept in contact and decide to meet in January on a break back at Gunton. When Jean’s travelling companion had to leave early, Michael stepped in! Offering to take care of her and bring her home, Jean stayed on and had a wonderful time enjoying her break with Michael.


Michael, ever the gentleman, ensured flowers were waiting when Jean got home. More flowers arrived on Valentines in February and in March, they decided to have another holiday at Warners. This one was to be truly special! Whilst indulging in a little retail therapy, Michael got down on one knee and popped the question to Jean! She happily said yes and found the perfect ring to cement their love!

Why Gunton Hall? They both say the same – they feel the staff at Gunton are an extension of their own family. From the arrival with Martyn the porter who always greets Jean with a smile – even in the pouring rain to Anna the entertainment manager and the hard work she puts into making everyone’s break so special. Jean, having mobility and medical issues, always feels cared for and catered to on site. They both know that once they arrive on site, all their troubles are behind them at their home from home.

As we at Warner, eagerly await a wedding date, Jean and Michael have been inundated with offers of bridesmaids, ushers and page boys from their family at Gunton Hall, all wanting to be part of the couple’s big day!