What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Christmas is a time for traditions – we all have them, whether they’ve been passed down the family through the generations or you’ve made your own. Many people associate Christmas with a time for giving, while others may prefer to reflect on the festive party atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the many associations of Christmas and how Warner Leisure Hotels can help make your Christmas one to remember.

The Food


Christmas dinner  

We tend to do a great deal of feasting at Christmas, with many sitting down to a traditional Christmas dinner every year – and here at Warner Leisure Hotels it’s no different. Although turkey is the preferred choice of meat these days, the traditional Christmas dinner used to consist of pheasant, swan or even peacock. To accompany our succulent bird, we eat roast potatoes, parsnips, pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon), Yorkshire pudding, Brussels sprouts, and mint, apple, cranberry sauce or gravy – or all four if you’re feeling adventurous.


Dessert is usually Christmas pudding. Traditionally, a silver coin was hidden in the pudding and whoever got that piece got to keep it. We also eat mince pies – whether homemade or shop bought, these tasty treats are delicious warmed through with a splash of cream.


Chocolate is another popular treat around Christmas time, with many people receiving bags of gold wrapped coins in their stockings. This tradition originated from the time when St Nicholas gave bags of gold coins to the poor.

Advent calendars also contain chocolate – a small chunk for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day. However, each window traditionally opened to a Christmas scene picture and there were sometimes homemade gifts inside.


Mulled wine is a delicious drink to keep you warm on a cold winter’s day. Other popular Christmas time drinks include:

  • Hot chocolate
  • Eggnog (made from sugar, milk and eggs, with an added tot of brandy, bourbon or rum)
  • Bucks fizz (champagne and orange juice)


The Mood

Here at Warner Leisure Hotels, we want all of our guests to have the time of their lives. Our Christmas breaks are packed with festive activities, tasty food, and a holly jolly atmosphere – after all, Christmas is a time for celebration. When you visit one of our luxury locations, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit – let us take care of the rest for you.


The Giving

Team festive presents

A Warner Leisure Hotels Christmas break is all about the giving – on our part that is. We make it our mission to give you a truly memorable Christmas and offer a whole host of food, fun and games to enjoy.

It is customary to give presents to your loved ones at Christmas, in memory of the gifts given to baby Jesus by the wise men. Of course, buying presents for the whole family can get expensive, not to mention difficult to know what to buy for people who seem to already have everything. So many people choose nowadays to do a Secret Santa, where everyone’s names are put into a hat and the person whose name you draw is the one you will present the gift to on Christmas Day. Some people prefer to use this time of year to give something to those less fortunate than themselves.


The Getting

With giving comes the act of receiving too. Whether you’ll be opening presents from your family and friends this Christmas or joining us at one of our seven country hotels or six coastal hotels and villages, there’s no rule about not treating yourself. So go on, why not indulge yourself this Christmas with a luxury Warner Leisure Hotels Christmas break?


The Entertainment


Entertainment is a big part of the Christmas experience at Warner Leisure Hotels. Whether your interests lie in dancing or singing, we’ve got an activity to suit your needs.


The Christmas party season is the perfect opportunity for dancing. Whether you prefer to sit back and enjoy watching a dance performance, or wish to get involved yourself, we have plenty of options available for you. Our Do you Warner Dance? workshops are always popular with our guests and are tailored to suit all abilities. We also have performances from the likes of renowned dancing stars Anton du Beke and Erin Boag.


We love a bit of singing here at Warner Leisure Hotels, especially at Christmas. If you’re a fan of singing, come along to our Festive Pop Choir where we’ll teach you harmonies and dance moves to your favourite Christmas tunes. Here’s a fun fact for you – the UK’s favourite Christmas carol is O Holy Night – what’s your favourite carol? Enjoy carol singing? You’ll love our Christmas Carol Sing-a-long concert on at each hotel during the festive period. If you prefer to be entertained by your favourite singers, Warner Leisure Hotels is delighted to announce that Russell Watson, Aled Jones and The Osmonds are just a few of our Star Breaks performers you can enjoy.

Everything else

We also have a whole host of other Christmas entertainment available, from pantomime shows of Aladdin, to our Jingle Bell Jukebox Party Show, movie matinee showings, as well as performances from tribute acts such as Whitney Houston, Queen, The Beatles and many more. Did you know that these three acts all received the number one spot at Christmas over the years? The Beatles achieved an impressive total of three Christmas number ones!

For more fun facts on Christmas entertainment, take a look at our Ultimate Christmas Entertainment infographic.


The Parties

Your calendar is bound to be full of parties and events this festive season. Parties at Christmas time offer the perfect way to catch up with old friends and enjoy celebrating in a truly festive atmosphere. Deck the halls with boughs of holly…


The Charm

There’s nothing quite like the charm of Christmas – from frosty winter mornings to snow covered houses, loud and proud Christmas jumpers to outdoor lights and Christmas trees, if you’re anything like us, you’ll get swept away by the magical nature of this holiday season.


The Socialising


In addition to celebrating, Christmas is a great time for socialising. Whether you’re catching up with old friends over a mince pie and a glass of sherry or making new friends at a Christmas party, there’s no doubt about it that the season is all about goodwill and being jolly. So this year, don’t be lonely at Christmas – come and join us at Warner Leisure Hotels for a fun-filled, sociable time.


The Time To Yourself

While socialising and making new friends is an exciting way to spend Christmas, sometimes you just need a bit of time to yourself. Use this me-time to indulge yourself. Focus on doing the things you love the most and really relax and unwind ahead of the New Year. Many people use Christmas as a time to reflect on the past year, while others treat themselves to something special – be it a gift or a holiday.


The Feel Good Factor

Christmas is also a time for feeling good. With the exciting lead up and everyone around you in a happy mood, there’s no reason not to feel the same. Make Christmas Eve extra special with a cosy night in watching Christmas films, wrapping presents and dining with your loved ones. The time spent with family and friends on Christmas Day itself puts everyone in an appreciative mood, being thankful for what they have and what they will receive.



So what does Christmas mean to you? Find out more about how you can make this Christmas truly memorable with Warner Leisure Hotels.


The Ultimate Christmas Entertainment Infographic

Christmas is the time to rest, relax and enjoy yourself. Whether you spend Christmas visiting your relatives or prefer to go on holiday during the festive season, there will come a time when you want to simply sit down and find something entertaining. So this year, pull up a chair and read on to find out all about the various Yuletide entertainment, from TV and music, through to film and games – you’ll never be bored at Christmas again.

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Top 10 Gardening Tips for Autumn

We’d like to introduce you to Sue-Marie, our new Head of Grounds & Maintenance at Bodelwyddan Castle. Sue-Marie joined the Warner team just 6 weeks ago and has already made a big impression by introducing some all year round colour to the T.H Mawson four seasons garden originally built in 1910!

Sue-Marie has worked in the horticultural industry for 19 years on a range of large private estates and historic house gardens.


Sue-Marie mentions that “In the short time I have been here, I walk around the castle site and it never ceases to amaze me how exciting and beautiful a day at this office can be.”


We are extremely pleased to have Sue-Marie on board and as a treat for our blog subscribers she shares with us her top 10 gardening tips for Autumn!

Top Ten Autumn Tips

  1. Get the best from your Winter bedding containers by including fresh compost and plenty of slow release fertilizer.
  2. Include as many colours and foliage textures as you like to your pots and baskets so even when the weather is grim you’ll still have some colour.
  3. Collect those pesky leaves and pop in a loin bag, leave for the Winter, by Spring you will have some rich leaves to add to your borders.
  4. Sit back and enjoy some Autumn sunshine with its blaze of rich Brown, Reds and Yellows in our Autumn garden.
  5. Scarify the lawns to prevent thatch build up.
  6. Plant bulbs for Spring colour now but if your garden is susceptible to squirrels then roll your bulbs in chilli powder before planting as it masks the smell of the fresh bulbs which are tasty treats to them
  7. Sterilize and clean your bird feeders before putting out with lush treats for the little garden beauties.
  8. Bring in tender plants such as Dahlia, and Begonias. If they require storage over Winter then remove soil and dust with Sulphur powder and for extra cut fungal properties pop them in vermiculite.
  9. Clean all Summer baskets, pots etc. With outdoor disinfectant. Wash your greenhouse windows. Nooks and crannies too. Helpful hint to get rid of the Green algae between paynes of glass soak with disinfectant and scrap the algae with a plastic plant label for a clean finish every time.
  10. Sit down after you’ve completed 1-9 and just enjoy the garden in its splendour.