Head Gardener feels at Home at Holme Lacy

Check out our post with an interview with our Head Gardener at Holme Lacy House in Herefordshire, he’s been working with us for over 18 years now!

How long have you worked at Warner?

Hello, my name is Michael West. I’ve worked at Warner for 18 years, I started just 3 months before Holme Lacy opened officially as a Warner Leisure Hotel in 1995. I’m now the Head Gardener and there are 3 of us in my team.

When I first started the grounds were in a very bad state. They had previously had very little attention or planning given to them.

Mike West, Head Gardener

Mike West, Head Gardener

Who is in your team?

I’ve got Scott Hancock who’s been here a similar amount of time as myself and Peter Todd who’s roughly worked here 10 years and then Luke Mason who’s our youngest gardener who really enjoys learning from us.

What do you like most about Holme Lacy House Hotel?

Holme Lacy is a Georgian Manor House in Herefordshire with 20 acres of parkland. I love the open space, the gardens are naturally my favourite place to be but there’s such intricate detail which I think is beautiful.

I like that it has lots of things to do outdoors such as bowls and tennis; I think that everyone wants to get outside when they are on a break and do something out of the ordinary.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I think it’s a really rewarding job when I see people pottering around the gardens enjoying themselves and smelling the flowers. I often get guests asking me for tips and I really like chatting with them.

With the British weather being slightly unpredictable I’ve enjoyed having to plan ahead. I’ve made a 5 year plan for how I’d like the gardens to look which includes the topiary garden, different sizes and shapes of plants and also including secluded areas so guests can hide away with a book!

Hiding in Holme Lacy with a bookFountain and grounds of Holme Lacy, Herefordshire

What is the one thing you do every day? My team and I always meet near the little fishing pool and look at the day to day jobs. I always have to prioritise according to the weather so most days I peep out the window to check on the weather.

Tell us some things about Holme Lacy we wouldn’t know…

I’ve recently added small plaques to the majority of the plants and flowers in the grounds so guests can read the latin name and understand more about the plants.

We have a Monkey Puzzle Tree that’s over 250 years old!

Lots of people ask me about the History of the house. Many of the ceilings and furniture dates back to around 1674! Read more about the history of the house by clicking here.

The Wye Valley is literally just on our doorstep and we often have guests enjoying our Archery and Rifle- shooting sessions that we run on every break.

Holme Lacy Archery Shaped Hedges at Holme Lacy House Hotel in the Summer



  1. My wife and I have just returned from a weeks holiday at Holme Lacy. We have both had a lovely time there. Everything was as I expected. Staff were very friendly and helpful in every aspect.
    Also met some beautiful people which goes a long way to a good holiday. The staff we encountered went the extra mile for us.
    I must mention from the Restaurant, Supervisor Sonia Lopes and waitress Lidia, from the Main Desk Heidi and Yashmin who helped us in so many ways. They are recommended without reservation.
    All in all a great holiday.
    Pat & John Graves.

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