Warner Masterclass March – Mussels with a Chilli and Vodka sauce

Warner is delighted to showcase their delicious food and drink in 2014. We often get glorious feedback about the variety, freshness and taste of our dishes whilst guests are enjoying their holiday with us across our 13 locations. For March we have launched a step-by-step guide to Conwy Mussels with a Vodka, Chilli and Tomato sauce. Delicious!

Often regarded as poor man’s shellfish and yet they are so full in flavour, mussels are cheap and plentiful. In the wild, they grow on coastline rocks and stones but the majority of mussels available in the UK are farmed in suitable coastal waters which is a great fact to know if you’re trying to eat British! Mussels have the most impressive nutritional profile of all shellfish. They contain high levels of  long chain fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These fats have many great side effects including; improving brain function and reducing inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. Mussels are also a brilliant source of vitamins. Plus, they give you a shot of important minerals, such as zinc, which helps build immunity. Mussels even contain levels of iron and folic acid to rival red meats, so we hope you enjoy your meal even more!

Head Chef Bob Hughes from Bodelwyddan Castle gives his top tips and explains why the meal is “really cheap to make, really easy and a great way of social dining”. Bob explains you can get Mussels in most supermarkets now or buy them fresh in the nets from the Fishmonger. He even says you can collect them yourself if you have previous knowledge and are lucky enough to live near the seaside. The video below gives a detailed guide to making the delicious meal and goes back to basics, showing you how to prepare from scratch.

Bob gives the top tip to check if the Mussels are good to eat “tap them on the worktop or wiggle a knife inside, they should close up and this is a great way to check them”. Mussels need a small amount of time to cook. Simply place them in the bottom of a large, heavy-based pan with a small amount of liquid and turn up the heat to steam them. As soon as the shells start to open wide, you know they are ready. Don’t overcook them or you’ll end up with rubbery flesh and of course any that don’t open – discard them as they aren’t okay to eat. Bob shows you just how to add flavour and says the cooking liquid is half the pleasure of eating mussels, so have plenty of crusty bread on stand-by for soaking up.

Do let us know what you think by leaving us a comment and sharing with you friends.

04_Mussels.ai 04_Mussels.ai

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