Hop to it with our Rabbit pie! Warner Masterclass February

It’s sustainable, healthy and really tasty, so it’s hard to fathom why rabbit is still such an underused meat in the UK. We’ve created a simple dish with healthy, fresh ingredients for our next instalment of Warner Masterclass 2014 series.

Shaun Davey our Head Chef at Corton Coastal Village shows you how to make a delicious Wild mushroom and rabbit pie. Watch along and print out the recipe below for your own cookbook.


The recipe video shows you how make the dish in 2 parts, the first is the filling using delicious fresh produce and a splash of Red wine and the second is the delicious French pastry with a richer, delicate texture for the pie.

Because of its leanness, the fail‑safe way to cook rabbit is slowly and carefully. Stews and braises are good treatments, and gentle cooking is key to tenderise the meat: be a bunny simmerer, not a bunny boiler!


Have a look at our YouTube channel to see the other videos in our Masterclass series and learn how to make a whole host of delicious dishes. All our Head Chefs put their individual spin on dishes which you’ll sample at Warner Leisure Hotels on your next break. Take a look here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/WarnerLeisureHotels

03_RabbitMushroomPie.ai 03_RabbitMushroomPie.ai

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