Dec Warner Masterclass (early!) – creating the perfect Christmas pudding

With Christmas just around the corner it’s already time to start thinking about decorating the house, buying presents for your loved ones and, of course, cooking the inevitable lunchtime feast. If the thought of preparing all that food fills you with dread don’t worry, because this year help is at hand from us!

For the next in our series of Warner Masterclass video guides, our award-winning development chef David Grindrod shows you how to whip up a traditional Christmas pudding that the whole family will be itching to tuck into. This is a great recipe to try with kids as it’s much easier than a lot of you might think.

The addition of a Kirsch cherry topping adds something a bit different, and of course there’s a fair old bit of alcohol going in there to add a grown up flavour once the mixture is cooked. Just click play on the video below to watch. The great thing about this pudding is you can make it well in advance – up to six weeks before Christmas in fact. Then all you’ll need to do on the big day is add the brandy and light it up!

Check out our YouTube channel to see the other videos in our Masterclass series and learn how to make a whole host of delicious dishes, including our recent recipe for pheasant breast with pancetta and chanteray carrots, cooked by head chef at Littlecote House, Matthew Davies.



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