Littlecote House Hotel Memorial unveil service Sunday 15th Sept 2013

Last Sunday, a memorial to British and US soldiers stationed at Littlecote House Hotel during World War II has been unveiled and the Team are honoured and really excited to share the news.  The memorial service and plaque was the idea of Bruce Steggles who is the Stores Manager at Littlecote.

Littlecote House, alongside the River Kennet, dates from the late 15th Century and was requisitioned for military use in 1943. Military training was carried out around nearby Ramsbury village ahead of the June 1944 D-day invasion of Normandy.The memorial is dedicated to the 7 British and 1 American units stationed at the house from 1939- 1945

Servicemen from the US 101st Airborne Division, known as “The Band of Brothers”, were based at Warner Littlecote House Hotel near Hungerford in WW2. Among the seven British units which were also based at Littlecote House was 48 South Midlands Division – a Territorial Army unit in the British Expeditionary Force which had been forced to retreat from Dunkirk in 1940.

The money raised for the memorial  came from the annual Sponsored march done by the Screaming Eagles Living History Group (SELHG) , by money donated from The Kennet Valley at War Trust (KVWT who own the WW2 museum in the house)  and public donations for which we are very grateful.

LC wartime memorial

The stone stands 6ft high and 3 ft square and comes from Portland near Weymouth. It has a stainless steel plaque attached to it with the 8 military units engraved on it. Above the plaque is a brass plate with Littlecote Memorial on it. The memorial stands on the front lawn looking towards the front entrance to the house.The memorial plaque is on a 6ft (1.8m) high memorial stone which you can see in the photo.

On the day we had members of the Screaming Eagles LHG  performing  the honour guard and standard bearers from at least 6 different branches of The Royal British legion which was really exciting. TRBL logo

The ceremony was opened by Bruce Steggles, a minutes silence was observed and speeches were made by Dave Allaway from the SELHG,  Roger Day from  KVWT  and by Nick Dodds  who is the General Manager at Littlecote.

Acriss akk 13 Warner Hotels and Villages guests and Team have now raised over £125,000 and we are really proud to support such a worthwhile charity.

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